Fancy Fish Games is an indie game development studio dedicated to creating imaginative and thought-provoking experiences. Our games are fresh, quirky, inspire questions and challenge the norm. We aim to surprise, delight, and tell stories that are memorable long after the controller has been set down.

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Global Game Jam 2016: Quotidian
Feb 1, 2016
By Natalie Maletz
This year, we participated in the Phoenix Global Game Jam, and made a game called "Quotidian" in just 48 hours... Read More...
ADventure Lib Released!
Aug 6, 2015
By David Maletz
ADventure Lib has released on Steam, and the players want more! Future Plans and Pun-tastic Screenshots within! Read More...
Announcing ADventure Lib!
Feb 9, 2015
By David Maletz
ADventure Lib could have been a respectable adventure game, except that it is totally wacky, randomized and full of terrible puns... Read More...
Deity Quest v1.1.5 is released!
Jun 25, 2014
By David Maletz
After getting a lot of great feedback, we've released a big update including many new features, tweaks and improvements! Read More...
Deity Quest v1.1.4 Released!
May 29, 2014
By David Maletz
Version 1.1.4 is here and better than ever! Now with a new battle mode which reduces the chaos of the 6 vs 6 battlefield, and more! Read More...
Deity Quest Released!
May 1, 2014
By David Maletz
Deity Quest is officially released today! You can now play the demo and buy the game! Read More...
Final Trailer & Greenlight
Apr 3, 2014
By David Maletz
The BETA is over, a new trailer is up and we're on Steam Greenlight! Read More...
Deity Quest is feature-complete!
Feb 28, 2014
By David Maletz
Except for some final assets and tweaking, Deity Quest is done, and we need BETA testers! Read More...
End of the Year
Dec 21, 2013
By David Maletz
It's been quite the year for us - we doubled the number of released games this year, and have many exciting new games planned for next year! Read More...
Deity Quest Trailer & IGF Submission!
Oct 20, 2013
By David Maletz
Part one is now 100% complete! We have a trailer for you to watch, and we are excited to be submitting to the IGF this year! Read More...
Introducing Deity Quest
Aug 26, 2013
By David Maletz
In Deity Quest, you play as a new god where you convert followers, clear dungeons and compete with your rival to become the Overgod! Read More...
Rhythos RPG Builder
May 20, 2013
By David Maletz
A Free and Open Source Dev Tool built on top of the Rhythos! Arcade BETA battle system! Read More...
I Can't Escape - A One Month Game Experiment
Feb 6, 2013
By David Maletz
Details on I Can't Escape, and my experience making the game in one month. Read More...
Announcing Havencall
Oct 21, 2012
By David Maletz
We are very excited to officially announce Havencall, our first game using the VIDE animation toolkit! Read More...
Fancy Fish Games is a new indie game development studio led by David Maletz. You can get in touch with us on our forums!

The Fancy Fish Team:
David Maletz is a programmer, game designer, and writer. To learn more about David and his previous game projects, check out his personal website/blog: The Legend of Game Dev.
Natalie Maletz is an artist and writer and is married to David. To learn more about Natalie and her previous game projects, check out her personal website: Here.
Chase Bethea is a passionate video game composer/sound designer who loves video games. Check out his website: Here.
Dean Bigbee is obsessed with 20th century Soviet history and robotic horses. He also records alot of music. You can listen to it here and here.
Jamie Maletz is a musician and composer, and is David's sister. To learn more about Jamie and her music, check out her personal website: Jamie Maletz Musicals.
Van Bush is an artist, animator, creative producer, game designer, and writer. Check him out on facebook here